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Welcome to the homepage of the Danubius National Rowing Club (Danubius Nemzeti Hajós Egylet)

The Danubius National Rowing Club is one of the premier rowing clubs in Hungary. We offer members and visitors a wide range of rowing and other sporting activities amid the beautiful natural surroundings of Margaret Island (Margitsziget) in the heart of Budapest.

The Club maintains two floating boathouses on the Danube as well as a clubhouse which boasts a fully-equipped fitness room, a spacious room for indoor rowing on ergometers, a meeting/conference room as well as other amenities such as changing rooms, showers and lockers.

Our members include a balanced population of elite competitive rowers, men and women engaged in regular health maintenance through sport, students from local secondary schools and universities, adult leisure rowers, and the occasional guest who is looking for sporting opportunities away from home.

Next time you are in Budapest, come and visit us. We are conveniently located minutes from downtown Pest or the Buda hills.

A Little History

Rowing has a long tradition in Hungarian sporting history. The first rowing club was established in Budapest in 1862 and at one time there were more than 17 boathouses on Margaret Island. Today, the Danubius is the last classical rowing facility on Margaret Island. Others have moved beyond the city. At Danubius we offer both classical on-water rowing as well as indoor rowing experiences. Although the Club has a strong competive rowing tradition, we emphasize the benefits and fun of rowing as a leisure time sport for adult populations. We offer sporting opportunities and instruction in on-water rowing, indoor ergometer rowing, as well as running for adults in all age groups. Over the last several years we have seen an increase in the number of adults getting involved in rowing as a fun leisure activity and as a healthy lifestyle choice. About forty to fifty of these ’leisure rowers’ use our facilities two to three times a week.

Competitive Rowing at the Danubius

At Danubius we are very proud of our individual athletes and crews who have won so many gold, silver and bronze medals at Hungarian championships as well as at international events. We rank third and fourth among Hungarian rowing clubs, based on results achieved by our male and female athletes in all age classes. Many of our rowers are members of the Hungarian National Team competing in international regattas in Junior, Under 23, Adult and Senior age classes.

The well-known Ákos Haller, twice world champion in doublesculls, started rowing and became an international class athlete at Danubius. Our pride extends beyond our achievements in the classical 2000m regattas. We have achieved some other notable results: rowing ergometer world champs, coastal rowing champs for clubs and  Hungarian long distance rowing events. 

As a club, we focus our resources on the recruitment and regular training of our youth population. Our aim is to provide young people with a healthy sporting activity that will help them make healthy lifestyle choices as adults. Approximately 180 young people take part in systematic training at our club annually. Many of them take part in local regattas. Although we like to see them achieve competitive results, we are more focused on their commitment to sportmanship and teamwork.


The Club enjoys established relationships with several local secondary schools and universities. Our program offers students rowing instruction and exercise opportunities as part of their curriculum. This program is not aimed at recruitment and serves only to enhance sporting opportunities at these educational institutions.

Persons with Special Needs

The Danubius has been a pioneer in Hungarian rowing history by providing rowing opportunities for persons with special needs. We work with visually impaired people and persons with mental disabilities. We recognize that the benefits of exercise and engagement in a sporting activity are measurable in the improved morale of students with special needs.


Address: 1138, Hajós A. stny. 2. Margitsziget, Budapest - near the Margaret Island.

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Regarding fees please send information request to the above address. The conference room of the club is available for rent, a price quote is available upon inquiry, for more information, please e-mail.

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